This is not therapy/counseling. It's a...

Coaching Program that's Proven to Strengthen Your Relationship! ​

In just weeks, you’ll be part of the 99% of our clients who gain clarity on their marriage or partnership… While you’re here, you're also going to use this same program to improve EVERY relationship in your life!


You've tried everything, and yet nothing has worked...



Despite relationship therapy and counseling, there's no long-term improvement. 


Regardless of working on communication, you both still constantly argue with each other.


You're putting in more time and effort, and getting more frustrated and resentful. 


You've read all the books, but you still don't know HOW to address your problems.


You don't know what's broken, or even what a healthy marriage or relationship looks like.


You ask yourself, "Can this relationship be saved" or maybe even, "Is it worth saving?"

Ready for an insane truth?


Studies show that relationship therapy and counseling fails 85% its clients!


We're not making this up! These statistics are based on research from various studies including Roesler 2020, Carrol et al 2021, Pentel and Baucom 2021, and more!

📚 Citing all the studies here isn't important, here's what is ...

🤬 You're absolutely right to be angry and frustrated with the entire process of relationship therapy.  

Because the average couple seeking counseling will spend around FIVE YEARS and $45,000 on a service that succeeds ONLY 15% of the time! 


When relationships define the majority of meaning and success in our lives, is this not the definition of insanity!?


🍔 You and I wouldn’t spend $20 on a 1-star meal, yet we’re wasting years and tens of thousands of dollars on relationship counseling/therapy that FAILS MOST of the clients it serves!

But why is that? 

Traditional relationship therapies (and even coaching) tend to fail because they focus on the most visible symptoms of an unhealthy relationship, like poor communication and frequent conflict.  

While this symptomatic approach can result in feeling better temporarily, it never actually resolves the underlying root problems. 

😡 It’s confusing, frustrating, and a complete WASTE of your precious time and energy!

🔎 You’re right to be looking for answers, and you’re absolutely right to be frustrated by the process of trying to do so. 

So were we…

In fact, it’s why we developed a relationship coaching program that’s rooted in evidence-based science. 

Crystal Clarity Online is the only coaching program that's PROVEN and GUARANTEED to work IN WEEKS, NOT YEARS. 

Let's talk about what that looks like...

For just a moment, imagine being able to...



Create a happy, healthy, and fulfilling marriage or relationship in weeks, NOT YEARS!


Communicate effortlessly, even in moments of conflict and frustration.


Truly relate and understand each other on a deeper and more meaningful level. 


Diagnose WHAT is affecting your relationship and know HOW to resolve it. 


Confidently know exactly when a relationship CAN vs CAN'T be saved.


Apply your knowledge of healthy relationships to to ALL of the significant relationships in your life. 

Oh, and this isn't just marketing hype...

In 2022, we maxed out our program with well over 100+ clients. Only 1 requested a refund. Crystal Clarity Online has a 99% satisfaction and success rate. 

💡 Crystal Clarity is PROVEN and GUARANTEED to help you create the marriage or partnership you've always dreamed was possible. 

🥳 And while you'll of course apply all the knowledge you gain to your romantic relationship, this program will help you improve ALL of your significant relationships. 

We're going to talk about how in just a moment. For now, let us introduce ourselves...

I've Read Enough... ENROLL ME!!!

"As a doctor, I understand the limits of the medical model when it comes to emotional health. This program not only incorporates medicine and science, but a holistic treatment that sees the whole person. I brought a lot of my stuff to Dr. Glen and the 12-Week Relationships process, and so far my life has immediately changed for the better! I call Dr. Glen my Yoda!"

Donald, Doctor of Internal Medicine

Meet your coaches

Hi, my name is Pye

I'm an educator. I've made a career of making complex subjects easy to learn. I co-founded one of the most successful wedding photography studios in the world. From there, I created education that taught millions of other people how to do the same. 

So why relationships?

Because while I was traveling the world teaching photography and business, behind the scenes my marriage was falling apart. For fourteen years I was meeting with one therapist/counselor after the next and reading every relationship book I could find. And guess what? 

My marriage still failed. 

I created the relationship framework that became the foundation of TWR and Crystal Clarity Online because it represents the solution to the greatest pain I've ever felt. 

My goal was to answer a simple yet fundamental question when it comes to the human experience... 

What does a healthy relationship even look like? 


Hello! I'm Doctor Glen!

I'm a Doctor of Psychology and Professor/Department Chair at Whittier College. With 20 years o clinical therapy experience, it's easy to answer the question "Why relationships?" 

So here's what you don't know...

Not so long ago I faced a toxic work environment in the field of social work. What I was facing at work threatened every aspect of my life. My health was a disaster. My marriage, on the brink. Yet as a clinical psychologist, I didn't know what to do. 

Like everyone else, I sought out therapy and guidance from peers that I respected. Want to know their advice? 

They prescribed me with anti-depressants. Told me to not make any significant life changes. Their advice summed up was to "just maintain."

Eventually, I left the field of social work to work on my marriage and pursue a more holistic approach to therapy. 

When Pye handed me his relationship framework, I knew we had the missing pieces to each other's puzzles. 

We teamed up, and I helped turn Pye's framework into a complete model of therapy that we call Core Value Focused Therapy or CVFT which is the foundation of your Crystal Clarity experience!  

"Hands down, when it comes to relationships and knowing yourself, this is the best product out there! This is a game-changer! I became more educated in terms of my clinical knowledge, all while having major breakthroughs and realizations. Sign me up for the Certification Program when it's ready!!!”

Katherine, Clinical Therapist

So how is this different?

One word, or rather acronym, CVFT ™

We designed a new approach to relationship science, here's how it works...


There are a number of reasons why traditional therapy, counseling, and even coaching tends to fail the clients it serves. Here are a few of the major pain points we were seeing:

🧠 Personal bias on behalf of the coach/therapist

🗣 Focusing on symptoms rather than root problems

📖 Poor training and the lack of experience 

📚 The lack of a consistent approach or framework

🥼 Knowledge/flexibility to use multiple modalities of therapy

💡Failure to understand the client's needs and values

That last one is a big one, isn't it? 

Here's why... 


What you're looking for in your relationships is unique, so how can the process of therapy or coaching work for you without knowing what you actually value? 


Pye here. When I handed Dr. Glen my manuscript, what I was handing him was a manual that answered a simple question. 

📕 "What does a healthy relationship even look like?" 

Inside was a logical framework (which I called the SSRM™ or Super-Simple Relationship Method) that explained how healthy relationships should operate. Because in my mind, it's virtually impossible to consistently diagnose or solve problems without a manual. 

My book was the missing manual for relationships that should have been handed to each of us in our youth. 


Glen here. When I read Pye's book I immediately saw the potential in his framework and approach to relationships. But from my perspective as a therapist, I also saw what was missing...

❤️ His framework was a manual for healthy relationships, but it didn't contain the components necessary to work through trauma, wounds, and emotions. Elements that are critical to the process of relationship science and therapy. 

That's where I came in...

🩺 I took the SSRM™ and used it as the foundation for a model of therapy that was rooted in Core Values. Hence the name Core Value Focused Therapy or CVFT™.

Oh, and don't worry, we don't have any other acronyms for you to remember. 

 Here's how you can think of them...

📍 SSRM™ - Your roadmap or guide to how healthy relationship should function

❤️ CVFT™ - Your ability to process past and present emotions that come with your relationships 

Together, we had something truly special and we knew it as soon as we saw the results from our clinical trials. 

Within the coaching environment, CVFT™ gave us the ability to quickly identify relationship issues, understand the client's individual Core Values, and work towards long-term solutions. 

Not just once or twice, but with virtually EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that walked through our doors. 

CVFT™ gave us the ability to guarantee results... 

“I loved the structure and intentional approach that this program provided me and Dr. Glen was such a great support and guide through this process. I am literally using my Core Values and Common Interests in my dating process! Please make a dating website using Core Values!”

Priscilla, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

It's not just our mission, it's our guarantee

Better relationships in weeks, NOT YEARS!

Our combined 40 years of experience in the field of psychology and relationship science showed Dr. Glen and I (Pye) a simple truth.

When you're dealing with relationship pains, you don't have years and tens of thousands of dollars to spend. Especially when those services ultimately don't work. 

It's why Dr. Glen and I teamed up to create Crystal Clarity. It's the relationship manual that should have been handed to each of us in our youth. 


“I’m so happy that I joined Crystal Clarity! First, I fell in love with the relationship framework itself. It’s an amazing tool that helps you reflect on your relationships and understand why things are the way they are and how to take action. Second, I enjoyed the overall structure of the class, workbook, and sessions. I loved being a part of this! Thank you Pye and Dr. Glen!

Sanaz, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Crystal Clarity Online

Your membership to Crystal Clarity Online includes four primary components...

6-Module Self-Study Workshop

The Crystal Clarity Workshop is a six-module course that you can start immediately. Binge the lessons Game-of-Thrones-style or watch them over time with our guided format. 

The Complete Workbook & Journal

The Workbook & Journal simplifies and summarizes the material you learn within each lesson. It also gives you a place to workshop and personalize each concept you learn.

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Crystal Clarity Online also includes 12 months of weekly online group coaching. Each 90-minute session is held with Dr. Glen, Pye, or one of our certified coaches/therapists. 

Alumni Community Membership

Your membership also includes lifetime access to the Alumni Community where you can ask questions as well as watch new episodes of the TWR Podcast as they’re filmed LIVE.

Here's what you'll learn inside the

Crystal Clarity Self-Study Workshop

Module 1

Your Journey Ahead

This is where your journey begins. Module One is where we get you prepared to maximize your Crystal Clarity experience. We're going to walk you through everything the program has to offer and get you familiarized with the process of coaching. 

Module 2

The Nature of Healthy Relationships

Module Two is about learning our relationship framework in detail. Before you can create healthy relationships, you need to first understand the moving components of a relationship. You need to be able to answer the question, "what does a healthy relationship look like?" 

Module 3

Attachment Wounds

Attachment wounds look like arguments, conflict, and communication problems. But in reality, they go far deeper. In Module Three, we're going to help you identify and process your attachment wounds so you stop them from negatively impacting your relationships. 

Module 4

Trauma Communication

Module Four is about understanding the purpose of trauma (yes there is a purpose), and how to regulate and even heal your triggers. Behavior can be motivated by pain or values, this module wraps up your understanding of how your past experiences are affecting you today. 

Module 5

Core Value Mapping

Core Values represent who you are and what you're aspiring to become. Not only do our Core Values impact every component of our relationships, but clinically we find that most clients don't have a clear picture of what we ACTUALLY value! We can't create relationships that we value when we don't have a clear picture of those values.  

Module 6

Putting it All Together 

Module Six is about taking everything you've learned and giving you a complete roadmap to relationship repair. This is where you'll learn how your Core Values impact every aspect of your relationships, and exactly what you need to do when things aren't in alignment. 

Register now and also get

Module X - Emergency Tools

It's hard to talk about long-term improvement when you're in the middle of a relationship emergency. We've designed Module X as a bonus to give you tools and guided meditations to deal with issues that are consuming you RIGHT NOW. 

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Best Value: One-Time Payment


  • 40+ Lesson Self-Study Workshop
  • Printable Workbook  & Journal (300 pages)  
  • Module X - Emergency Tools & Workbook 
  • 12-Months of Weekly Coaching Sessions 
  • Lifetime Alumni Community Membership
  • 15% Alumni discount on all TWR services

Best Cash Flow: 3 payments of


  • 40+ Lesson Self-Study Workshop
  • Printable Workbook  & Journal (300 pages)  
  • Module X - Emergency Tools & Workbook 
  • 12-Months of Weekly Coaching Sessions 
  • Lifetime Alumni Community Membership
  • 15% Alumni discount on all TWR services

Our money-back guarantee

Commit. Show Up. Do the work...

Give it 90 days, if you tell us that Crystal Clarity Online wasn't worth every penny of your investment, we'll give you your money back! 

This is for you if you're...

  • Ready to commit to the process and put in the work (we recommend 1-2 hours a week)
  • Prepared to look in the mirror. We won't always like what we see, but we will find our way forward. 
  • Aware that pursuing what's meaningful lies on the other side of that which is difficult. That said, we'll walk with you every step of the way. 

This is not for you if you're:

  • Just looking to just vent about your relationship. 
  • Seeking validation and someone else to blame. We're here to support you, but we'll also ask that you take ownership. 
  • Dealing with severe drug or alcohol addictions. 
  • Dealing with ongoing sexual/physical trauma. If you are, we'd recommend finding a local professional or calling the NSAH at 1-800-656-4673.

David and Sarah (Business Executives):

"This 12-week program has been life-changing and we have told all of our friends and family about it. After feeling so distant in our marriage for years, we have never felt closer together than how we do now."

Shelly (Business Owner):

"I have been to many therapists over the years, and I can say this is nothing like what I have experienced before. This 12 Week program is amazing! The knowledge I have attained in weeks has already set the course for what I am going to do with my life moving forward. Life changing!"

Yes, it's possible. Yes, You've, got this...

I love this quote from Gloria Steinem. 

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

I know that no matter where you are now, things can and will get better. But I also know that “better” generally lies on the other side of what’s difficult right now.

Crystal Clarity will work for you. Along the way, it might just piss you off a little. 

But that's OK. Own it! Because that's where you'll find your power for change! 

We're going to help you identify what want from your relationships, then we're going to walk with you through every step along the journey. 

Sincerely, Pye + Doctor Glen


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